How To Be the #1 Savage Fan:


If you happen to go to Savannah High School and are searching how to be most school spirited.
Here is a step by step guide on outshining other students with your school spirit.

Step 1) Gather the essentials:

*Cheerful/Positive Spirit
*An Aggressive Loud Voice
*All Savannah Savage Logo Attire
*Know the game rules.
*Have a Foam Finger.
*A cow bell

Step 2)
Know ALL Savage cheers. The more you join in, the more you will enjoy yourself. :)


Step 3)

A aggressive loud voice is important to shout over ALL fans, and to chant along with the cheerleaders.


Step 4)

A positive spirit is key. No negative Nellie’s. No matter the outcome you SHOULD be always proud!!


Step 5)

You MUST know the rules of the game in order to cheer on your team. Nobody likes the dumb fan who cheers when the other team
scores a point and you didn’t realize your team is on defense.


Step 6)

With-out Savannah Savage attire you will stand out of the crowd. The opposing team might confuse you for a fan on their side.
Sporting events are like war, once the ball is in play you don’t associate with the other team.


Step 7)

Every true fan has a foam finger and of course a We LOVE our savages sign. Don’t forget the classical cowbell….it’s a must in Savannah.


Step 8)

This step isn’t as important, but have a little cash on you to quench your throat for all the aggressive yelling and to purchase concessions stands.
If you are lucky they will be selling Savannah school spirit items.

~This should get you through the night.

* Helpful to know a cheerleader to learn ALL Savage cheers.
  • Trouble finding savage sports attire? Go to any local T-shirt graphic design store.
Examples: Sports Page and The Market.
  • Buy ... For Dummies book for rules of the game. Best bet is to ask a athlete.
  • Get a J-O-B to have cash for games.