How to Build A Model Car by Calvin Rossiter

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Everyone has something that they like to do in their free time. Some people like to collect stamps, collect rocks, or make scrapbooks. These hobbies that people have make them happy and make the time pass by. One of my favorite hobbies is to build model cars. If building a model car sounds like a fun activity and a hobby that you would like to start, read this how to manual on the steps to building a model car.


  • Model Car Kit
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  • Model Glue
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  • Paint
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  • Cutting Utensil (small wire cutters work best)
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  • Tray
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Step 1 - Go buy a model car kit, model glue, and paint.

Step 2 - Get a clear area on a table to build your model car.

Step 3 - Separate parts that go together into piles on a tray. (normally parts that go together are close to each other in the kit)

Step 4 - After you get your area organized, open up the instruction booklet and find the pieces that are in the first picture.

Step 5 - When you get all the pieces from the first picture cut out, paint them the color specified in the instructions. You will need to allow the paint to dry which usually takes around one hour depending on the size of the piece.

Step 6 - After the paint has dried, you will need your glue to put the parts together.

Step 7 - To glue the parts together, put a drop of glue on either the hole or peg on one of the two pieces that go together. Do not put glue on both the peg and the hole. This will end up with too much glue and will take longer to dry.

Step 8 - When you get the parts glued together, you will need to let the glue dry. This will also take one or two hours depending on how many pieces are being glued and the amount of glue used.

Step 9 - Repeat steps 4-7 with every picture in the instruction booklet until the car is complete.

Step 10 - Enjoy your finished project and display your new model car for everyone to see.

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Tips & Tricks

1) Allow the paint to dry overnight. Especially if you are painting the body of the car. If you touch the paint before it is dry, you will leave fingerprints in the paint and it is very hard to cover them up.

2) When gluing your pieces together, don’t use too much glue. A little glue goes a long way.

3) When painting, try to avoid painting the pegs and holes that go together. The paint adds a layer to the peg or hole and makes the peg thicker or the hole smaller. This makes it harder to put the parts together. The parts will go together much easier without the extra layer of paint on them.

4) Cooking pans work well for a tray.

5) There are different levels of difficulty on model car kits. If you are new to building model cars, start out with a level one and work your way up to the higher levels.