How to Celebrate Christmas the “Real” Way
By Summer Snowden Hour 3
As we move out of the holiday season, you may look back on your Christmas and wonder where it went wrong. Chances are you just didn’t know how to celebrate it right. Here are some easy to do steps on how to make your Christmas worthwhile and meaningful.

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Things You’ll Need
  • Basic Christmas decorations (tree, garlands, and lights)
  • A good, fun spirit
  • Willingness to cut back
  • An entire collection of Christmas movies, this would include the following: A Christmas Story, A Christmas Carol, and The Holiday
  • A Church

Step 1-An easy, fun way to begin your Christmas season is to put up decorations. This usually includes a Christmas tree, wreaths, and lights. You should make this into an event filled with Christmas music to set the cheerful mood.

Step 2-Shopping is necessary! Make a list of all the people you are buying for. Then go online to decide what to buy them. Oftentimes, the deals are better, but watch out for the extra shipping cost. If you have young children and need to go to the mall, take them to see Santa, but do not get a picture. They cost $25 for just one!

Step 3-Though shopping is usually a requirement for the holiday season, be careful that it doesn’t overshadow the real reason for the season. Cutting back is an easy way to put your head in the right place. Consider adopting families and donating food to the homeless. If you think your family won't mind, you can make donations to charities in their name.

Step 4-On Christmas Eve, one of the best traditions is a candle lit service at a church. Carols are sung, and stories are read. It’s the perfect thing to lead into Christmas Day. Some like to have this become a family thing, so take your grandparents and cousins with you.

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Step 5-The next day is Christmas Day! If you have young children, or even younger siblings, you should wake up at the crack of dawn to open “Santa’s” presents with them.

Step 6-Christmas dinner is up next. Be sure to make the Christmas Ham and watch A Christmas Story marathon that runs on TBS every…single…year. This is a lot of work. Don't make your poor mother do it all by herself, especially cleaning the dishes

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Step 7-Go to bed knowing that you may have just had the best Christmas of your life. : )

Step 8-December 26th. Let the clean up begin! Please do not leave your decorations up until March!!!

Tips and Tricks

  • Shop the After-Christmas sales. You can find Christmas decorations at ridiculously low prices.
  • All those cookies left over from Christmas dinner can be used at your New Year’s Eve party, so don’t throw them away!
  • Remember that most stores only allow you to return items for thirty days after you bought them. So if you don’t like something you got, take it back in a hurry.