By Tristan Grieves
Welcome to 5th Hour College English with Mrs. Bunse, where paper format does not follow the rules of the Modern Language Association (MLA).
Before You Start
Step 1: On the Home tab, in the Font section, change the font to "Times New Roman" or "Arial".
Step 2: In the same section of the Home tab, change the font size to 12 point.
Step 3: On the Home tab, Paragraph section, bring up the Paragraph dialog box by clicking the small box with an arrow in the lower right hand corner next to the word "Paragraph." See the nonexistant picture below for help if you cannot find it.
Step 4: In the Spacing section, on the line spacing drop down bar, change the spacing to “Double.”
Step 5: In the Spacing Section, change the "After" value to 0 pt.
Step 6: Hit “OK” to save your changes.
Step 1: On the first line of the now properly formatted document, type your FIRST and LAST name.
Step 2: On the second line, type “College English”; the name of the course.
Step 3: On the third line, type “Mrs. Bunse”: the name of your instructor.
Step 4: Type the date the paper is due in a day-month-year format. Spell out the full month. The year and day should be in numerals.
Step 5: On the fifth line, type what kind of assignment the paper is.
Step 1: Make sure the title is in the same font and is the same size as the rest of the paper.
Step 2: Center the title, either by highlighting the title and pressing Ctrl + E, or by selecting the center text button in the Paragraph section of the Home tab.
Step 3: Only capitalize the first word and any proper nouns in the title of the paper. Follow all other punctuation rules.
Step 1: Select the Insert Tab at the top of the page.
Step 2: In the Header & Footer section, select the Page Number icon.
Step 3: On the drop down bar, highlight the “Top of Page” tab.
Step 4: Choose Plain number 3 from the list of header options.
Step 5: Before the page number, type your LAST name.
Step 6: Select the Home Tab, and change the font of both your name and the page number to match the font of your paper. Change the font size to match the paper.
Step 7: Select the Design Tab under the Header & Footer Tools section at the top of the page.
Step 8: In the Close section, click on the red box with a white X inside labeled Close Header and Footer to close the header and footer section of the paper to return to the body.
Final Look
This is what you're final paper should look like.
Tips and Tricks

Once you have one paper set up with all of the major changes, you can reuse it as a template for the next paper. Just remember to change the type of paper and date to match the new assignment.