By: Alex Brandt
The motherboard is the "heart" of your computer, you need this to run your computer.

ATTENTION: Before starting discharge yourself by touching something metal. If you fail to comply, you can damage your computer with the static electricity in your body. Alternatively, you can purchase a anti-static wrist strap from any computer supply store. These cost $3.00-$5.00 at the most.
Working on a computer in a room with a carpeted floor is highly frowned upon.

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Open the motherboard box and take out the contents.

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Take the gold or silver pieces out of the wrapping; these will be important to making your motherboard work.
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Open the computer case and find the holes in the bottom of the case.

One by one take the gold or silver pieces and insert them into the holes, twisting right to make sure they stay.

Once you have this done, locate the motherboard, which is a green rectangular object and carefully place it over the pieces (there will be one popping out of every hole in the motherboard)

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There will be a circular green and/or purple place on the case, these should be facing towards the left.

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Secure the motherboard using the screws provided.

In the motherboard box locate a metal rectangular piece with circular and rectangle shaped holes in it.

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Take this piece and orient it so the circular hole(s) is top-oriented.

Place this object in the back of the computer case and push it in to make sure it stays in place. (There is a rectangular space where it should snap right in.)

Take the largest connector from the top of the case and place it into a 20 or 24 holed spot in the motherboard. This connector will only go in one way, so messing up is practically impossible.

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Locate a square looking connector and place it in its corresponding hole usually at the top left; again it will only go in one way.
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If the contents of the box came with a fan, locate holes over the center of the motherboard and place the fan on top of it.
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Get four screws and screw down the fan to the motherboard.

Locate in the box small rectangular green objects; they control the computer’s short-term memory.

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On the motherboard locate rectangular shaped slots and open up the clips by pushing them gently.

Take the memory and push them straight down into these slots, the clips should push themselves back into place when they are in place properly.

Take the red cables or the big gray colored cables and place them into the slots in the motherboard and also into the devices in the trays which will be in the right side of the case.

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Take the small twisted colored cables and refer to the motherboard manual to place them. These will control what happens when you push the power button to turn the computer on.
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When you have this completed place the door of the computer case back on.

Turn the computer case upright, plug in the cables and cords into the corresponding slots in the back of the case. Most cables will only fit into one particular slot.
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Push the power button and hope the computer turns on!
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If the computer fails to power on, open back up the case and check your connections and make sure the power cord is plugged into your outlet. Or get someone who knows what he is doing (Alex) to help!

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Once the computer powers up, make sure the computer will not restart, which would be a sign of a problem with the computer.

Enjoy your new computer!!!

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