by Gayle Lymer
Introduction: For all the Oreo lovers who want to take their love for the cookie to the next level!!
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Supplies:1 package of Oreo cookies1 package of cream cheese1 package of vanilla or chocolate almond barkA crushing utensil2 large zip lock baggiesA mixing bowlWax paperA love for Oreos!
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  1. Take the package of cream cheese out of the fridge and let it thaw.
  2. Open Oreo package and put every cookie inside a zip lock baggie. Then put that zip lock bag inside the other zip lock bag. That way you have the cookies double bagged. (Make sure to squeeze out all the excess air inside the bags.)
  3. Take your crushing utensil of choice and crush the Oreos inside the bag until the cookie part reaches a fine powder.
  4. Empty the zip lock baggie of crushed Oreos into the mixing bowl. Add the thawed cream cheese to the mixing bowl.
  5. Mix ingredients well. The Oreos and the cream cheese should become a black and white sticky substance.
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  1. Scoop out portions of Oreo/cream cheese substance (size according to your personal standards). Roll Oreo/cream cheese substance into a ball and place on wax paper.
  2. Heat entire package of almond bark accordingly to the packaged instructions.
  3. After the almond bark has reached a liquid state, dip the pre-rolled Oreo balls then place them back on the wax paper to harden. *Repeat with every Oreo ball.*
  4. After the Oreo balls have completely hardened, enjoy your tasty treat!

*Before Oreo ball completely cools, optional time to add sprinkles or toppings of desire*
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRyTFM7a4OPF2CFodf6lXmpQT1DCFuMwvhy0kyuPguUqVm0rAnvSAexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ3NOw4oOHrV64nTI22498yw1RIFHC_Zpc9PD0GCLWIEuZdesv5agTips and Tricks:
-Use Oreos not the off brand. Otherwise your Oreo balls might have an odd taste.
-If feeling rebellious, try using a flavored Oreo. For example a mint or peanut butter Oreo.
-To crush Oreos, a meat tenderizer mallet works well. Also works as a great and safe stress reliever.
-When scooping out portions of Oreo/cream cheese substance, an ice cream scoop works well. It helps pre-shape the balls for rolling.
-When dipping the Oreo balls, let excess almond bark drip back into bowl before placing Oreo ball back onto wax paper.

For tips on how to enjoy your Oreo balls, watch the video provided!