How to Throw a Football
Throwing a football is a skill that everyone should know how to do. When you watch football at games or on the television people always wonder how the quarterbacks on television can throw a ball like that. These tips will help you be able to throw a perfect spiral.

Step 1: Grip the ball with the right pressure, don’t grip the ball to hard or it will not come out of your hand right. If you grip the ball hard the ball’s flight pattern will be off and it will come out as a “duck” or an imperfect spiral.

Step 2: Put your last three fingers on the laces so you can throw a good spiral. Place the pinky between the fourth and fifth lace, the ring finger between the second and third lace, the middle finger in front of the first lace, the index finger close to the tip of the ball, and wrap your thumb around the ball.

Step 3: Focus on your target. Do not take your eyes off the target front of you or the ball will not go the direction you want it to.
Step 4: Take three steps back and plant your back foot for leverage, and shift your weight forward. Have your shoulders facing forward.
Perfect Form!!

Step 5: Rotate your shoulders forward and release the ball with force (have a great releasing point so the ball comes out at the exact time.)

Step 6: Practice!! Practice makes perfect, if you practice multiple times a day that means you will sooner or later your ball will look better as it releases from your hand.

With these tips by the time you have practiced regularly you should be able to throw a perfect spiral just like the quarterbacks you see on television. Just not as far or as accurate, unless you're comparing yourself to Tim Tebow, because Tebow has the worst completion percentage I have ever seen. But if you want to be great like Tom Brady you will practice everyday of your life. You decide, Tebow (Zero Super Bowl Wins) or Tom Brady (Three Super Bowl Wins) which do you want to be?
By: Zach Logsdon