How to be an Evil Cierra Edwards

Introduction: Sometimes there is no reason to do any good for the world. It is no fun, too much work, and only the good die young. Why not have fun, harass some people, and live forever?

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-A hatred for most people, including mud bloods and half bloods
-Parseltongue, the ability to have conversations with serpents
-Several horcroxes, inanimate objects that hold a peice of your seperated soul
1. Study hard at your wizarding school.
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2. Manipulate other children into doing your dirty work and taking the blame.
3. Talk your teachers into telling you secrets of dark magic.
4. Have a hatred for every witch or wizard that isn’t of pure blood.
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5. Murder several people and implant a piece of your soul into the nearest inanimate object each time.
6. Obtain an army of followers that enjoy torturing and killing mud bloods and who agree to call you the Dark Lord.
7. Find a person equally as powerful as you and name them your mortal enemy.
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8. Live out your life forcing people to join your army and killing those who disagree, or don’t deserve to join.
1. Many people will hate you.
2. Hide your horcroxes in extremely inconspicuous places or your mortal enemy may hunt them down in order to destroy you.